How the SharePoint 2010 Workflow Visio Template Shapes translate to SP Designer workflow steps

I’ve been working on designing a comprehensive workflow for a new application with the SharePoint 2010 workflow template for Visio 2010 Premium. I’ve already modeled the process flow in UML and looking to design it with the template in order to keep it maintainable and customizable moving forward. I googled around and there isn’t a lot of content in this area yet and I wanted something to assist my shape-choosing process. I created a dummy workflow with every single shape and imported the Visio Workflow Interchange (*.vwi) into SharePoint Designer to see exactly what steps each shape mapped into. Rather than store this for my own selfish benefit, I thought others may benefit from seeing what their shapes translate to in a SP Designer context.

Actions Table

Visio Shape Action / Condition Name SharePoint Designer Workflow Steps

Start Obvious one – sets the start point for the workflow to begin
Assign a To-Do item Assign a to-do item to these users
Collect data from a user Then Collect data from this user (Output to collect)
Start approval process then Start Approval (4) process on this item with these users
Start custom task process then Start Task (9) process on this item with these users

Start feedback process then Start Feedback (2) process on this item with these users

Send an email then Email these users

Add a comment then Comment: comment text

Add time to date then Add 0 units to date (Output to date)

Do calculation then Calculate value this operation value (Output to Variable: calc)

Log to history first then Log this message to the workflow history list

Pause for duration then Pause for 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes

Pause until date then Pause until this time

Send document to repository then Submit File using this action to this destination router with this explanation (Output to submit file result)

Set content approval status then Set content approval status to this status with comments

Set field in current item then Set field to value

Set time portion of date/time field then Set time as hours: minutes for date (Output to date)

Set workflow status then Set workflow status to Cancelled

Set workflow variable then Set workflow variable to value

Stop workflow then Stop the workflow and log this message
Wait for field change in current item then Wait for field this test value

Send approval for document set then Start New Task (2) process for the contents of this Document Set with the users specified by this column

Send document set to repository then Submit Document Set using this action to this destination content organizer with this explanation (Output to submit file result)

Set content approval status for document set then Set content approval status for the contents of this Document Set to this status with comments

Check in item then Check in item in this list with comment: comment

Check out item Then Check out item in this list

Copy list item then Copy item in this list to this list

Create list item then Create item in this list (Output to create)

Delete item Delete item in this list

Discard check out item Discard check out of item in this list

Add list permission then Add these permissions to item in this list

Inherit list item permissions then Inherit parent permissions for item in this list

Remove list item permissions then Remove these permissions from item in this list

Replace list item permissions then Replace these permissions of item in this list

Update list item then Update item in this list

Look manager of a user then Find Manager of this user (output to manager)

Assign a form to a group then Assign a custom form to these users

Terminate Ends the workflow.

Conditions Table

Compare data source If value this test value

Compare document field If field equals value

Title field contains keywords If title field contains keywords

Created by a specified person If created by specific person

Check exact user permissions If permission levels for these users are at least these permission levels on item in this list

Check user permissions If permissions for these users are at least these permissions on item in this list

Created in specific date span If created between date and date

File size is in a specific range If the file size is between size and size kilobytes

File is a specific type If the file type is specific type

Modified by a specific person If modified by specific person

Modified in a specific date span If modified between date and date

That satisfies my needs at the moment but if I get time I’d like to add some detail and screen grabs to the mix. Feedback and questions are both more than welcome!

Update #1: After some feedback from readers I decided to add the workflow shapes into the table.. formatting isn’t the prettiest but should act as a nice reference chart for those us charged with creating Visio workflows for SharePoint.

Let me know if there is any other features you’d find useful – feedback has been very positive so far!