Quick Tip: Gmail ‘Undo Send’ and Gmail Labs

It’s been a while since I last posted anything so why not start small and quickly go over this handy feature I stumbled across the other day – Gmail Labs!

I use it for the extended ‘Undo Send’ feature but also came across a few other interesting add-ins that I thought would be useful.

To get there, head into Gmail and go into ‘Settings’ from the top right of your screen.

Under settings there is an aptly named ‘Labs’ section which contains all of these little gems.

Scroll through the various labs in the list and if you’re looking for the extended Undo feature like me, it’s very near the bottom.

So what is this undo feature ? it simply allows you to ‘undo’ the sending of an email. By default this value is set to 5 seconds in Gmail so you need to be quick – OR if you like to have flexibility you can extend this to ’30 seconds’ to afford yourself more time to realise you sent your mail to wrong person or left in that obvious spelling mistake!

Other labs I added on first look were:  ‘Google Docs previews in mail’, ‘Google Maps previews in mail’, ‘Google Search’, ‘Got the wrong Bob?’, ‘Mark as Read Button’, ‘Title Tweaks’ and the aforementioned ‘Undo Send’.

Just a quick update to shed light on this handy tool set I stumbled across – hope you like!


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