Updated – AJAX-style autocomplete v2 .rplib available for download

I’ve had lots of positive feedback around the outcompete field for Axure RP and as promised I have packaged up into a master .rplib file for easily dropping on to your prototypes.

The updated version has a nicer transition and rollover effect and uses the name ‘Davidson’ as a base for completing the name (i.e. type ‘da’ and watch the suggestions menu drop down).

Download the following link and load into Axure:

AJAX-style auto complete file .rplib

Load into Axure via the ‘Widgets’ pane and selecting ‘Load Library’ from the drop down


Locate your file and then you should see the widget available in your Widget pane.


Drop that on to your prototype and away you go.



9 thoughts on “Updated – AJAX-style autocomplete v2 .rplib available for download

  1. Hamish, this post is so helpful. Any plans to build this widget in Axure 5.6? It doesn’t appear as expected in 5.6, but I believe that 5.6 is not compatible with earlier versions.

  2. Hello Hamish,

    I have tried importing your widget into v5.5, however it does not work. It is being displayed in the widget container as “New Widget 1”. When dragging this onto the page, it does not create an instance of anything.



    • Hi Craig, sorry about the delayed reply and the vagueness of this message, but im on vacation in South East Asia, where internet is scarce and dont have a instance of Axure to recreate the problem.

      Ill get on top of it when im back in a few weeks.

      Sorry I couldnt be more help at the moment.

  3. Hi. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m an Axure user (2+ years) and I can’t get the rplib file to work. Appears to be blank.

    Do you have a working copy available that you would be willing to share? Thanks so much for the tutorial as well!

    • Hi Iain,

      Yes I noticed my .rplib doesnt work in the latest Axure version – unfortunately I lost the source project for this when my drive died but I plan to re-build it again and update it before xmas.

      Sorry about that!

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