Co-Authoring with Word 2010 / SharePoint 2010

I’ve been looking around for any example screens of using Word 2010’s new co-authoring feature even since I installed the beta a few weeks ago. I couldn’t find any content in my brief searching so  I will share the screens with you.

/ Note – this is a quick post to put the screens out and I intend to update with more content and background when time permits.

Opening a document from a SharePoint document library appears normal until another user also opens the same document. The details of the ‘currently-editing’  users are displayed on the mouse hover

co-author bar in word 2010

co-author bar in word 2010

You can also see who is editing the document in the backstage

backstage whos editing document

backstage whos editing document

This just provides an alternative view to what we saw before.

Authors can go through an edit various sections through the document as they please and the sections where other users are editing are highlighted but the updated content is not showbn until the user saves (which refreshes the document to include other author’s changes).

view after saving/refreshing) document

view after saving/refreshing) document

If conflicts occur, Word will display a conflict message, shown below.

document conflicts message

document conflicts message

The author then has the option to resolve the conflict using a ‘tracked changes’ style accept/decline approach.

resolving conflicts in word 2010 co-authoring mode

resolving conflicts in word 2010 co-authoring mode

Word 2010 uses a smart new technique for synchronizing content thanks to the .docx XML-based format and technology inherited from Microsoft’s Groove. Using this method only changes are synchronised back to SharePoint greatly increasing performance and reducing network usage. Previously this was not possible using the binary based .doc format.

Well thats all I have for now, I hope to get more screens up tommorow and provide some more detail to the post. If I get time I will hopefully add a full end to end scenario to better demonstrate the functionality but this will have to suffice in the meant time.

Hope this is useful.


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